VM Engineering works in the metal market for over 20 years. The company occupies a leading position, providing a wide range of services related to pre-sale preparation, sale and delivery of the metal and Integrated design of civil works, metal carpentry, environmental and infrastructure in Italy and internationally with rigorous project management processes. Our mission is establishment of an efficient and reliable communication between buyers and suppliers in the market of ferrous, stainless and aluminum metal.


VM Engineering by expanding the range, improving service quality and increasing the number of services provided to ensure the company's leadership in those sectors of the market that it serves. Our Goals are The company's leadership in its field; Providing customers with goods and services to the highest casestatement high standards of customer service; To maintain and develop the professional skills of our employees and continuously improve the quality of products and services that we provide.

Full Service

VM Engineering offers a full range of services in the sale of steel – from cutting to delivery straight to your door.

• Cutting of metal. We are engaged in metal cutting using different technologies for different types of metals
• Metalworking. Process the rental according to your specifications and give a guarantee on the final product.
• The pick and pack. Will package and pack the ordered metal.
• Automated handling of raw materials and of processes.